bare metal server provider Colorado

50GB RDP Windows


/ month
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • RAID-10 hdd: 5 GB
  • Bandwidth: 256GB
  • CPU: 1 x 3.30GHz
100GB RDP Windows


/ month
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • RAID-10 hdd: 15GB
  • Bandwidth: 512GB
  • CPU: 1 x 3.30GHz
150GB RDP Windows


/ month
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • RAID-10 hdd: 10 GB
  • Bandwidth: 1 TB
  • CPU: 2 x 3.30GHz
200GB RDP Windows


/ month
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • RAID-10 hdd: 20 GB
  • Bandwidth: 1 TB
  • CPU: 3 x 3.30 GHz

A lot of technological developments are being moved to the virtual plane. There are all kinds of clouds nowadays , hosting anything from private files to servers with a lot of users. However, some prefer to have a separate physical server only for them. So, they are renting from a bare metal server provider Colorado.

The name means that it’s a physical piece of hardware that only has one tenant. The admin controls it fully and owns a particular amount of RAM and CPU, as well as a function set. There are pros and cons to it, as any other type of server, so let’s learn more about them.

Advantages of a Bare Metal Server Provider Colorado

Surprisingly, there’s a ton of pros to this kind of server, although you could think it’s a bit old-school at first. It’s said to be a great choice for those who only start their businesses. More experienced companies should analyze their resource needs and make forecasts. If the needs aren’t going to change dramatically or be very dynamic seasonal work, etc., a bare metal server provider Colorado is a good choice because it is or has:

    Full control. You are in command, there’s no moderator or administrator outside of your team. The provider’s job is to give you equipment with a set of resources and functionality. So, you have full control over the contents and moderation; Fast performance. Because there’s no overhead, the physical server will operate faster than a virtual one. This pro is essential to the success of the company since high performance is one of the primary things potential clients are searching for; Better safety. Since there’s a single client operating this server, the only data security problem would occur if someone from the team deliberately stole the files or scripts. Other than that, the security is on the same level as any other server malware-wise. However, since you don’t neighbor with any other company, bare metal servers are considered safer; Money saving. Since you only have to pay for the equipment, you don’t pay for the usage of resources. It’s a full package which will save you finances in the long run. Of course, the deciding factor here is the provider you work with.

Cons of a Bare Metal Server Provider Colorado

The cons correlate to the advantages a little bit, again, due to the various needs of tenants. Here are some points to consider when looking at this potential option:

    Cost. No matter how money-saving the option is, especially for starters, a bare metal server will have you pay quite a bit since they give you sophisticated equipment. Some extra expenses may also be needed, like those regarding deployment and operation; Limitations. When using a VPS or a place in shared hosting, you can apply for more RAM, CPU, additional functions, etc. With the bare metal server provider Colorado, they give you certain functions and resources you’ll be limited to for the rest of the rent but you can apply for a change in the equipment itself; Management. When renting a bare metal server, you have to know there won’t be a lot if any management from outside your company. Make sure you have a qualified IT specialists to fully maintain the server.

Every Option Is Suitable for a Certain Goal

The type of service you choose depends on the analysis results of your company’s needs, &goals, &financial possibilities, etc. There are a lot of cheap server providers that offer good conditions for starters, and you can always escalate and change the “location” whenever your business is ready. Providers offer a lot of different plans for different kinds of companies and their needs. With sufficient research, you'll be able to find a plan suitable for yourself!